Freezer Repair

Have you ever been in that situation when you suddenly have to find a new home for all your frozen food? Asking family, friends and neighbors if they have space in their freezers? And if they don’t, there could be hundreds of dollars’ worth of food, spoiled and wasted.

If your freezer fails, Adam’s Appliance Repair will have it up and running before you know it–faster than any of our competitors. Just keep the freezer door closed and call us.

Why did my freezer break down?

Freezer malfunction could be for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the defrost drainage hose is blocked. Condenser coils can get choked with debris, or the evaporator fan might be faulty. The door seals could be damaged or frayed. It could be the compressor, the thermostat, or the relay that powers the compressor that’s faulty.

Whatever’s wrong, you must only attempt a repair if you are absolutely sure you know what you’re doing. More importantly, it’s essential that you’re confident working with electricity and fully aware of electrical hazards and required safety precautions. We strongly advise against DIY repairs if you’re not properly qualified to repair appliances.

If you dabble with repair, it’s highly likely that you’ll cause more faults then fixes. You could even be risking your own or other people’s safety. It is, therefore, vital that you bring in a qualified expert to take care of any repairs to your freezer. For one, you will not be risking the validity of your warranty, which will not only be cost-effective, but will save you an enormous headache.

Common issues, troubleshooting, and repair

Is your freezer making loud clicking noises?

Your freezer is on but is making clicking noises. The compressor or the start relay are probably the problem. You will easily recognize this symptom, since the sound you normally hear from a freezer is a low humming noise.

The starting relay is responsible for powering the compressor. If might have burned out or is failing to supply power continuously and needs replacing. If that doesn’t solve it, you’ll need a new evaporator fan motor installed. Further, you’ll need to replace if the compressor mounts if they have worn out.

The freezer doesn’t turn on, or if it does it isn’t icy cold

If the freezer is plugged in but fails to turn on, the power supply is being disrupted. Check fuses haven’t blown or make sure a breaker hasn’t tripped. If the problem persists, it’s time to call us. If the freezer isn’t getting cold enough, there might be restriction to airflow inside the vents, or the evaporator fan might be malfunctioning. It might also be that the condenser coils are blocked with debris. We can provide solutions to all the above.

Your freezer is leaking

Water inside the freezer, or on the floor, could mean that the water inlet valve is damaged. Or it could be that the drain tube is clogged.

Should you consider a replacement?

Freezers will live relatively longer than other home appliances. However, you should consider purchasing a new one if you’ve had yours for over 17 years, rather than getting it continuously repaired. We’ll help with model selection to suit your needs and can get your new freezer setup. We’ll even remove your old one.

If your freezer is not as chilled as it once was, get in touch today.