Dishwasher Repair

How did we ever manage without the dishwasher? All that time and energy, better spent doing the things we want or need to do. That is until it breaks down.

You don’t want to wash dishes by hand, and we don’t want you to either. If you live in or around Shawnee, Kansas, call us at Adam’s Appliance Repair. We’ll dispatch one of our highly-qualified technicians to get your dishwasher running again. We are trained on all the major brands and the latest technology. Our expert will quickly diagnose the problem, will give you a fair quote with no hidden extras, before making the repair.

You know the saying “prevention is better than cure”. Well, why not take advantage of our maintenance offering and have your dishwasher serviced? It’ll save you money by extending the life of the appliance.

But why did it break down?

There could be any number of reasons for the breakdown. Perhaps the pump assembly has worn out, or has developed a leak. A heating element may have burned out, or the drain line has clogged. You may have a defective water inlet valve. When any of these components develops a problem, it can lead to more than one issue. The point is, it’s not always straightforward to identify and diagnose the problem.

You may fancy yourself as a handy DIYer, but because the problem can be complex, it’s best to get an expert on the job. Your DIY repair is likely to, not only cost you valuable time and effort, but is just as likely to cost you more money, as things can often go wrong–especially if you are not already familiar with the appliance workings.

Our expert repair service will save you a headache by getting the job done quickly and efficiently. You’re also likely to save yourself a fistful of dollars.

Common issues, troubleshooting, and repair

Water fails to drain

Try cleaning the drain screen/filter in the base of the machine. This is often caused by washing unrinsed dishes. However, if the drain is already clean, the problem could be in the drainpipe itself, or may even be caused by a faulty pump.

Are you hearing a loud noise coming from the machine?

If you are hearing a loud humming noise, perhaps from the pump, it might be a damaged housing or a blockage. This often requires the replacement of some parts and definitely isn’t a DIY job. If the appliance turns off after making the noise, your motor has probably expired.

Runs for longer than normal or doesn’t clean the dishes completely

If the wash cycles are running for longer than is normal, your thermostat or timer are malfunctioning. If your dishes are coming out unclean, the impeller, the spray armholes, or the heating elements might be the problem.

Machine fails to fill or doesn’t stop filling

If the dishwasher turns on but fails to fill up, it is either draining too quickly, or you need to replace or clean the float and water inlet valve. This normally involves removal of the lower access panel, so that the float can be scrubbed or changed.

Replacement of the inlet valve is a trickier job, as it’s different for every brand. This is where our skilled technician’s expertise is definitely required.

When should you consider a replacement?

If the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendation is followed, your dishwasher should last anywhere between 8 and 10 years. However, as your dishwasher ages, you are likely to start seeing more issues. One thing you can depend upon is our honesty. If our assessment is that your machine is likely to require more and more frequent repairs, we will in all honesty recommend a replacement. We’ll even help you choose and make that replacement.

Whether you have a problem, or are trying to prevent one, we’re here to help. Call our office and make an appointment today.